Perfect – Series

Blond Haired Girl, 2012, inkjet-print, 90 x 79 cm, ed. 5

Brown Haired Girl, 2012, ed. 5

Black Haired Girl, 2012, ed. 5

In 2012 I made a solo show called Perfect, I was into objects and things as fetishes and I was also thinking a lot about the woman as an object of desire. So I created these images that look like pictures of some kind of strange female busts. They all have the same face just the color of the skin and hair is changed.

During the time I was creating these images I was very much into old fashion and advertisement photography. Looking a lot at Erwin Blumenfelds fashion images. I’v always liked the 50s color palette and old Hollywood Blockbuster Musicals with colors.

Perfect, Exhibition view, 2012, Zetterberg Gallery, Helsinki.